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The Expert Denture Provider

One More Reason to Smile


We provide all types of dentures for full or partial tooth loss in different materials including metal and flexible dentures.


The cost will vary with the tooth and material selections. A bespoke denture takes time to make so will cost more than a standard denture, but for a more natural smile, greater comfort, and increased function it may not be as expensive as you think!


A denture is used all day every day under considerable stress, so the higher the quality the longer it will last.





We are fully insured and registered with the General Dental Council and offer a free no-obligation consultation. Reg number 164008.

Dentures are individually made to function as closely as possible to your lost teeth and tissues to restore your appearance, speech, chewing ability, comfort, and self-confidence.

At The Denture Shop, we aim to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and provide you with the best possible service. The initial consultation will enable us to select the most appropriate type of denture to suit your needs.

Dentures do not last forever so if you find yours are becoming loose, or you are having difficulty chewing, or you feel your appearance is being affected by worn dentures it may be time to book a free consultation to see what can be done. Prices are given at the consultation with no obligation to you.


New Dentures

We provide new dentures at our clinic in Margate, all are bespoke and made on the premises then fitted by the qualified clinical dental technician that made them. This usually takes two weeks but can be quicker for emergencies.

Denture Relines & Additions

Usually take one day and cost £75.

Referral Service

For patients that require treatment or are not registered with a practice, we can be referred to a local dentist.

Denture Repairs

They usually take one hour to do and cost £60

Cleaning Dentures

Stubborn deposits sometimes need to be cleaned by a technician and this can be done while you wait and costs £20 per denture.

Implants to Retain Dentures

Available upon request.

We are fully insured and registered with the General Dental Council, and offer a free no obligation consultation.

Richard Gutrige

Clinical Dental Technician

BSc, Dip Cdt RCS, RDT




Susan Collard

"After having teeth removed from the dentist l also had a denture made by them ,never ever felt happy with them ,they moved about they looked really awful and l lost my confidence for chatting and smiling with people , a friend said "why dont you try The Denture Shop , l had flexi dentures made" and l never realised she even had false teeth ,well l thought l really need to do something so l visited the shop.

Well l could not believe how nice the young man was ,he put me at ease and said he could make me new dentures at HALF the price l had paid for the bottom teeth at the previous dentist , he said if l didnt like them ,just walk away , well l thought he must be good to have all that confidence so l let him make my teeth,

They are AMAZING , they look like real teeth ,they look better than my own teeth , l am absolutely over the moon!

He takes the impressions,he makes the teeth himself, he fits the teeth

l wish l had gone to him lst, it has made me a different person, l have 100% confidence now and l talk and smile to everyone.

l would thoroughly wholeheartedly recommend The Denture Shop to anyone including the queen if she asks! So happy. Thankyou so much Richard for giving me my smile back"

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